Hi my names ASH i do what i like and i like what i do.

I started this crazy shit with my best mate Coxy and we managed to convince a few of my other mates to tag along.

who knows where this is gonna take us but so far its been a great ride!

“I don’t wanna make it, i just wanna”

CAR: 1987  Toyota Sprinter Trueno GTV

Factory Options
Power Steer A/C
Power Mirrors


Stock Blue Top 4AGE (2nd Engine doh!)
Thrashed out RSR Extractors to fairly straight 2.25 exh

3.9kg Chromoloy flywheel
Exedy Stage 1 Heavy Duty Clutch
Rebuilt Shifter
TRD 2-Way with 4.3 C.W.P


Shortened Strut Cases converted to coilovers with
KYB-AGX 4 way adj sw20 Shocks
8Kg Springs
AJPS 40mm RCA’s
XT130 (Corona) LCA’s
Old school Cusco Camber Tops
T3 Strut Bar
Stock jdm y0 Brakes with Project MU pads

TRD Short stroke Blues 8-way adj
TRD 8kg springs
Rose Jointed on car Adj Panhard Rod
AJPS Traction Brackets

Rolling stock
F SSR MK2’s 14×8
R Volk Meshie’s 14×9 -22

plus a few others skidders

Nardi Torino Wheel on HKB Long boss
Bride Brix 1.5 Drivers Seat
Omori oil Temp Gauge
TRD Oil pressure Gauge
Cusco full 7 point rollcage ( only run as a Half)
Stupid Dildo knob
All sound deadening removed
half interior panels gone

cut and flared guards fitted with over fenders
cut and shut cressida lip
banged up passanger guard
lotso stickers
stupid number plates 

Future MODS:
4- link
4AGZE later in the year
more track time
less defects

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