I fell in with the ghetto crew after lending Ash half my old 86 to help him get off defect, 2 years later we are all great mates!

they all regularly influence me badly to do things like buy cars, buy wheels, do skids and the like

I love making things and working on cars and the lads keep me busy, for me that’s half the fun of owning a car like this

Car: 1983 Toyota Ae86 Zenki Coupe

2004 Toyota 3sge blacktop beams, adaptronic e420c ECU, blacktop 20v quads on TRD copy manifold, Sard fuel reg, W55 gearbox with Exedy clutch and flywheel

Mark 2 Corona F series with 4.1 ratio, added baffles, TRD 2 way Altezza LSD

rear – S15 rear rotors with AE86 calipers running factory handbrake setup, rose jointed panhard rod, willwood bias adjuster, front-4pot front calipers running brembo slotted rotors

Rear – height adjustable rear seats with 6 kg springs short stroke shocks

Front – Corona struts converted to coilovers currently running 7kg springs
helper springs KYB AGX adjustable shocks, Cusco camber tops,
dmax adjustable rose jointed front caster arms.

4 responses to “Gatey

  1. jonny irwin November 1, 2012 at 7:45 am

    hi mate would it be possible for you to send me the map for the corolla, i have the exact same setup as yourself and am mad to get my machine out for a run.

  2. jaco April 30, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Hi there. Awesome ride! Wana know more as i wana do the same conversion in my ke70. Please email me if theres a link to the build. Id really love to know more!!

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