BiG MiKE aka “Rookie of the year”

Once a ‘rolla boi, now Mona has landed he has moved up in the world. Despite Zed’s being difficult to slide he still manages to get sideways with ease! Watch the Z grow and evolve right here on GhettoGarage!









CAR: 1988 Nissan Fairlady Z (200ZR)

Fairlady Z

HKS GT2535 turbo
HKS actuator
HPI turbo manifold
TRIAL front mount intercooler
Oil cooler
TRIAL 3-core radiator
HKS 256 degree cams (in and ex)
HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket
Blitz 740cc injectors
HKS timing belt
SARD metal cat
Nismo thermostat
HKS F-Con V-Pro
Blitz Dual SBC Spec-R

Crom-alloy flywheel
Xtreme HD Clutch
R33 5 Speed Manual box
Custom Tailshaft
4.1 LSD
Z32 4-pot front brakes
Skyline rear brakes
Hydraulic Handbrake



Full S15 Conversion
6kg Coilovers w/ cambertops
Cusco Front strut brace


S15 Subframe conversion
S13 8kg Coilovers with strut spacers
Cusco Rear strut brace

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