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Mad Automotive Day

Mad Dave getting some Mad smoke
More photos soon.


We are now

Got sent a link today from a mate for another blog, turns out they are using the same team name as us (which is fine). i cant copyright the name BUT i can have all the rights to all the domain names available 🙂 so ive gone and done that already, so you can type (.com and .net belong to a USA mob and thats cool)  into your browser of choice an you will find us so over the holidays the aim is to get the store up and running so i can distribute the shirts that Big Mike had made and get some team stickers out, cause thats the cool thing to do 🙂

The picture up the top is Circa 2005 of the car that started the whole “ghetto” thing for us, taken with my sh*t hot (at the time) Motorola V3 after the second time that i pranged it up lol
drove it around like this for a good few weeks as it was my daily back then, i wouldn’t dare doing such a thing in SA these days due to the whole “HOON” driving legislation
ah well heres cheers to a simpler time 🙂

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