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Needs no explaining!

Timmy D’s Magnum Opus is here; shut up and WATCH!!







More TB Goodness

Finally got a few more pics uploaded for your perusal:

Bonnet removal in progress:

It actually did help the intake temps, unfortunately I had already cooked the coil packs. Even the ghetto mod that Bridgey help do didn’t solve the misfire problems:

So anyway, they were kind enough to let me run without a bonnet for the rest of the day:

There was also the case of the missing rosary, it had come off the Sprinter’s roll cage and was thought lost forever. However it was found in a most random spot during some light maintenance:

And finally; Ratboy managed to go through every tyre he had. Including his front tyres! Drove home on 2 sets of rentals thanks to the kindness of other drifters ❤

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