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This is how you don’t do it kids; don’t be a hero, do it the right way:
On the track where it’s safe and you won’t hurt anyone or yourself

These are some recent photos from the new owner of Big Mike’s old T-18 track car:


It’s sad really, it was such a tidy car for what it was.
Steering box front end, 175’s on the front with 205’s on the rear makes the car want to under-steer. Coupled with poor driver experience it makes a horrifying combination.

Really, how dumb can you be ?

Here at Ghetto Garage we wish you all the best Jake.
We hope that you aren’t too sore physically from your crash
We wish the best in rebuilding this car
Above all we hope you learn from your mistakes as no one is perfect.
Just think of how many track days you could of had with what the court fee will cost you.


Shane Murphy’s HR31 sure cops a beating every practice, just how we like it go hard or go home.

You can also see me doing a lame skid in the A31 Battle car

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