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Murphy vs. The World

Finally cut and shut the videos of Shane’s antics at last drift prac. Check it:

Doubt the embed will work as I’m on my phone. Will update when I get home.

Trend Setter

So it seems that because I had a good stack on the 2nd lap of the day that everyone decided to up the ante. Talk about a loose night!

Started with my spill on the inside of turn 1 (vid coming) and I got dragged – that’s right: dragged – to the burnout pad. Watched the rest of the prac and the loose shenanigans going on at turn 1. Saw an orange R32 hit a KE’s drivers door with his rear left quarter, watched spin after spin after spin. Shane cleaned up the turn 1 tyres with the drivers side of his car, and a blue 86 clean up some tyres that were left about half a metre on the outside of the track itself. Then the same 86 cleaned up Shane after the Sleeka Spares car span halfway through turn 1. Not to mention the numerous tyre hits and wall taps.

All in all it was worth a watch, though I wish I’d lasted longer then 2 laps. Many thanks to all those who helped get the car onto the trailer.

Video is complete, but having issues uploading it. If I can find good WiFi in Perth I’ll upload otherwise you all have to wait till next weekend.

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