God dammit Knocking!

Shortly after getting the car on the road the front left strut began to knock and it gave me the shits 🙂

Pulling the front end apart i found it had.

Front end out

TRD Blues non adjustable in Standard Stroke.

Trd 8kg Springs.

early 80’s type Cusco camber tops.

Not a bad set up, problem was one of the shocks was a bit soft.

Out it all came and i got some new gear consisting of

KYB AGX st185 4-way Adj

Coilover sleeve kit

AJPS 40mm RCA’s

Front end GearFrom memory i spent around $900 in total including a bit of cash to get Dec’s from GARAGE 7 to tig weld it all together for me, came up looking like this; much better to drive on with height adjust ability to boot 🙂

Coilovers :)

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