Just a quick update on Ratboy and the HR31 as you may remember he got defected about 2 weeks ago for a loud exhaust and bald tyres, regency job.
For those playing at home its a full vehicle inspection, meaning that everything has to be mickey mouse before it goes over the pits.

On June the 6th we went out to tailem bend motorsport park, Ratboy slept in and drove up late whilst still on defect and got done speeding… DOH!
so $300 later a RE-Defect and a pending court date later he made the drift prac and had a great time.

Enter round 3
The next drift prac we are hitting is at Mallala on the 19th of June (this weekend) so to enable Ratboy to drive he needs a cop shop “clearance” whereby the grant you unlimited driving as long as you have booked in to get an inspection.
i get a TXT MSG today reading as follows

Fucking cops hey absolutley useless fucks

(ME) What happened?

They are just retards I tell them to confirm my regency appointment when i get served because i knew they could’t call after 4:30pm but no they know best we’ll confirm it after don’t worry so we go out and check the car and all is good. Now we can confirm the appointment but oh no its now 4:45pm and what do ya fucking no they cant get through to regency and the hour i spent at the cop station is useless and i will have to come back another day and do the whole fucking thing again! maybe i could leave my details and you could chase it up tomorrow confirm it and i can come in and sign or whatever? No we cant do that gotta do it by the books FUCKTARDS!

And so it continues lol stay tunned for next weeks episode 🙂

One response to “Rat Boy Vs THE WORLD

  1. Coxy June 15, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    i have to say that im pretty disgusted that a story about dylan contains swearing. that guy has never sworn in his life! fucken.

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