Drift School today was full of wonderful weather good skids and some lucky crashes lol.
Big Mike rocking the new SSR’s in 17×10 -14 on the rear which look balla as fuck!

Even though the car needs a “lot” of setting up suspension wise he still pulled off some good skids with good smoke on some corners mostly turn two.

However, it wasn’t all good he picked up a tyre stack on the second turn before coming onto the main straight, no damage as such just white paint and some scratches, thank god cause it sounded really ugly!

Then it got worse, on the second to last session he offed it around turn two and some how damaged a power steering line and promptly pumped all the fluid out.
So it was a quick stop into the pits to remove the belt to isolate the pump and prevent any damage. The car still drove home under its own power sans power steering and had no other problems.

Still a great day and it gave us real insight into the areas that we need to develop the car in BRING IT ON!

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