This weekend the the nations AE86’s Converge on Mallala raceway.
So What have i done to the ole beast THIS time you ask?

Finally installed those Modified Steering Knuckles made by Simon Michelmore. (Pictured Below)
If you want some for your Rig (You do believe me!) leave me a comment here and ill pass on your details or get a hold of him via his Facebook Page.
As you know Track use only etc etc

ZOMGWTFBBQ!! huge increase in steering lock considering i have done no other “Mods” to the steering (Lock spacer etc) The car Still needs a proper “toe” adjustment but initial feelings are very very good! Track day on Saturday Come say Hi 🙂

One response to “HR ANNUAL THIS WEEKEND!

  1. Pat October 21, 2010 at 11:13 am

    looks the goods Ash,

    love the last pic.. workin’ the angles

    Good luck on the weekend

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