On The Lips

So the lip repair is coming along well. Not only that but it’s stronger and sturdier then before:



Since I have put this in for repair (almost a month ago now) I”ve done some research and realised that this is a TBO style front lip that is no longer in production. Oops, I should have looked after it better… There was a guy in the States that would do up copies, though he wouldn’t ship internationally (I wouldn’t blame him), but it has since come to my attention that he is no longer making them. So what better way to introduce their availability then to make copies of your own!
After the stellar repair job is complete, he is also now going to make a mold of it so high quality copies can be made. More on that later.

In the meantime it seems the cancelled drift prac on the 12th is now back on and going ahead. Time to work on the cars again.

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