Not Enough Space!

Welcome to GG2011. Even though you may come here often we still ask you listen to this safety demonstration.


Started the planned mods for Mona Lisa this year sedately by grabbing some 25mm Spacers from the Kiwi’s (read NZ) and fitting them. I had borrowed Fabio’s pair, decided I liked it and so I now own a set:

Of course I did initially have slip-ons on the front. Realised why when it came to move it (had to get at the car behind), but with minor damage, no harm is done and fitted the spacers easily:

I mean come on… spacers aren’t hard to fit. Especially when you have The Monolith.

So anyway, here’s some comparison shots. Next step will be to get rid of the lock-stoppers….

Before After

So now this is happening:

Before After

‘Nuff said

One response to “Not Enough Space!

  1. Ratboy January 11, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    unless your brody trolololol……… town!!

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