For $70 this too can be yours!

Uploaded more pics for you to have a gander at. Won’t be out of the shop in time for Saturday but oh well.

Test mounting of the subframe. It’s hanging down a little, as the camber arm hits the chassis:

As seen here. Unsure whether an aftermarket one will bend around the chassis or not. At the moment notching out the arm and reinforcing, though I may have to bite the bullet and notch the chassis eventually:

And this is how the wheels now sit. The SSRs I have and the Wantanabes no longer fit, so got some CSA rims on there now (not pictured):

Mount bracket for the new brake lines can also see where the tunnel had to be bashed out a little:

Subframe out for final welding and reinforcing. Going to destroy the car before the subframe goes I can assure you:

New mounts for the coilovers. 40mm spacing needed as well, as the pic of the wheel earlier is with it set at max ride height. Also converts the stock mounts so I can use standard S13 tops:

That’s about all I have for the moment. Nearly done, will handle totally different hence why I wanted to hit the track in it this weekend. Will plan in some road tests through the hills instead to figure out whether to increase track or put wider wheels on the front to combat the huge grip from the rear once the SSRs make it back on.

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