Kitchen Bench Style

Trawling the interwebs as i do i find it quite amazing how much emphasis is put on getting a workshop to build you parts, or install them for you.
“Yeah Such and Such had his car sponsored by “insert name” yea they put all “insert brand name” gear into his car etc etc etc
Here at Ghetto Garage we are all about doing it yourself cause Christ knows its a damn expensive hobby to have.

Old time viewers may or may not recall that my car came factory fitted with Power Steering and thats all well and good when your nipping down to the shops to get some groceries.
What the AE86 was intended for, not drifting (derrr) so with that in mind ive decided to switch out the rack for a manual one.
The two main reasons for this is that the manual rack has better travel and feel, more lock and i suspect that my power rack is a bit flogged.

A mate of mine Arch gave me a manual rack at a good price to do the conversion with but it was missing a rack inner, so i got these.

Apparently they have a “new Stage in performance and quality!”  the special thing about these “tie-Rod” inners is that they give extra steering lock which is a must for a drift car!

The top is the stock unit and bottom is the Megan racing unit, you can see the in built spacer on the far right edge.

Here you can see how the unit mounts up to the steering rack, the spacer on the tie-rod allows it to travel further inside the steering rack.
This in turn enables you to use more of the rack and give greater lock. Stay Frosty for install pictures.

*All work performed on my Kitchen bench, i was not harmed in the process although my girl friend got pretty agro lol*


One response to “Kitchen Bench Style

  1. BROKENDIFF March 7, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Great mod this is you will have lots of fun and angle, i only just installed an ajps rack spacer on friday does same job but cheaper. I was amased at how good somethin so simple could be. Keep it up man.. Dave

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