Life Support




When i purchased Smokey The Blue Bandit Wagon last week the add read that it blew a bit of smoke
and oil out the rocker cover due to worn out piston rings.
I wasnt phased as the plan is to put my spare 16v 4age from the Trueno into this.
However, on the 37km, one hour drive home i had to stop and fill up the oil it had lost so much.


ive removed all the breathers and plumbed them into a catch can then tapped a fitting into the bottom of the can which scavenges the oil and returns it to the sump via the modified oil dipstick, ive sourced another 4ac for $50 to replace this one whilst i build up my 4age but this fix should make the car drive able for some time still.

In the same afternoon we also replaced the rear shock absorber’s with some Excell G units.
As you can see the old ones where a bit worn!

One response to “Life Support

  1. josh September 24, 2011 at 8:41 am

    The blue bandit, le blue meanie. Their everywhere!!!
    I love it XD

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