No Dice

So as some of you may or may not know Ive been trying to get this p.o.s ECU tuned for my AE86.
Timmy and i have been doing a night course at Tafe which teaches you how to dyno tune cars, so last week i finally had a chance to drag the Trueno out of the shed and get it down there for someone with a good idea of what theyre doing have a look at it.

Patiently waiting in the service area for it turn on the dyno.
Tragically the car has sitting so long i had to run crappy offset MA61 rims on the rear as the regular Volks had gone flat.

The Guru himself on the left (Jamie) giving ,e the low down on what i need to do.
Initially it was thought that we thought that the cam timing was off.
Turns out the Crank Trigger BTDC is incorrect, once we sort that it should be apples!

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