KE70 done right!

I’m not going to pretend I like ke70’s… because I don’t

I appreciate them for what they are and the things they share in common with the 86…. But im an 86 boy through and though

there is one exception to this

while is tassi i was riding shot gun in Adams (from HR) Nissan micra, we were both lamenting about not having our 86 there , happy we came but a little hurt seeing all the rad 86 the tassie boys brought out for a drive.

When Delazy came over to the window and asked

“Hey Tim you interested in driving my KE 70 for the weekend”?

it was not a hard decision to make KE it was

I jumped in not really knowing anything about the car, from the out side its just like every other KE … a bit hagged and low, a nice baby poo brown with a few stickers and a love heart hang ring.

expecting it to be a 4k with a 4 speed i was supprised when he told me it was a 3TC! 1800cc and torquey but dosent like to rev… initial thoughts was this is going to be slow with no revs. here comes the best bit

Delazy had a altezza 6 speed lying about so he jammed it in along with a 4.3:1 diff ratio and in true Ke style a locker (but in lazy style its not welded but a spool from wier)

this really transformed the car and its so much fun to drive!!! rev 3TC as hard as you can and change gears then change gears and change gears again before you know it i was giving a small port 4age Ke a fairly good run for his money. Had no worries keeping up and when braking late I was on his bumper with out a worry.

It also helps that lazy had put all the right suspension bits in and a good set of tyres

I have to give credit to lazy as this is not his main car of focus its just a daily hack he “slapped” together, in the back ground is an ae86 with a horded parts list so extensive it would make any 86 owner weak at the knees.

This little car really changed the weekend for me form a good time to one i wont forget!

I have made my mind up that i can never see this car again, because the more i think about it the little ke in tassie just keeps getting better and better.

for those of you who love a specs list

T18 S2 coilover struts
T18 RDA Slotted Rotors
T18 Brake Caliper

Section cambertops
ST184 kyb excel g front inserts
7kg Springs
Xt130 lower control arms
Nigel Petrie Heyman Steering Knuckles
Mark Rogers Modified Rack Ends
AJPS Lock Spacer
AJPS Tie Rods/End
20mm RCA
AE86 Steering Rack
Super Pro Bushes – LCA, Steering Rack, Swaybar Links, Castor Arm
Kelway Strut Brace
Whiteline Swaybar

VL KYB excel g’s shocks
Whiteline panhard rod
Whiteline Swaybar
Super Pro Bushes – Swaybar Links/Trailing Arms
T18 Series 2 T Series Diff
ST141 Corona Disk Brakes
Protex Slotted Rotors
AJPS traction brackets
Weir Spence 4.3
Weir Spence Spool
Weir Spence Solid Pinion Spacer

AE71 Pedal Box
AE71 Clutch Master Cylinder
T18 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Lexus IS200 J160 6 Speed

14×7+/-0 Hotwires
Basic Stereo
AE86 sprinter seats
5 point Half Cage

DX Tail-lights
Narva H4 Headlights

as you can see its all business where its needed, which makes for a really good car through the twisted bitumen the little isle down the bottom of Australia offers

Cheers Delazy for letting my thrash his little daily and for the good time I had down in tassie. Make sure this little girl gets drivin lots and ejoyed for what she was built for

Tassie roads!

2 responses to “KE70 done right!

  1. adam February 2, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    of all the pics i took of delazy, thats the one you chose…

  2. JT February 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Cool sev, more details on that red 86 up front please. That thing is the sex!

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