Initiation successful

When a new member comes along to there first Ghetto Garage street crew meet up we run them through the paces

some say its the hardest most humiliating initiation process they have ever endured

If i was to go into detail of the sort of things one must do to be a GG street crew member im sure it would get taken off the internet

Lucky for our latest member Lucy…. she has amazing skillz and a cool camera to work her magic

so we let her off

because she does good work like this

lucys little power house getting her slant front on with the wags

Sven and Mikes weapons

side note: they had to do unspeakable things to be here

unfortunately joshes little bandit got a bit sick while we were driving

thanks to good friend of GG Vanders we were able to work somthing out

cheers mate!

Thanks for the shots Lucy

Not many things went to plan this time out but it was still great to catch up with every one and our cars

If your keen to meet up and come driving get in contact with us, if you can think you can handle the grilling to get in

you don’t even have to own a Toyota!

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