snowy mountains 1000

Literary just down the road from my house there is a run way strip that is rarely used this time of year

someone had a great idea to hold a 1000m race to see who has the fastest car over a 1km stretch

its the first time this has run and it was a great event attracting some pretty awesome cars

here is a few I appreciated

This is Andy from Adaptronics Mx5

Andy has been helping me out lately sorting out some niggly issues with my tune and he is more than happy to help out and sort things out. It was great to finally meet him and shake his had

It also runs a 13b turbo smashing out 300rwkw!! just mental in a car this size

Another internet friend Nathan is the mechanic and builder of this awesome time attack evo 69 (its a mix of all evos from 6-9)

with a lazy 430kw at ALL 4!! they managed to take out 2nd out right at a huge 275 kmh

This was Nathans first time driving the car and he did an amazing job

Another 400 kw at all 4 evo

This clubbie was owned and driven by a lovely lady
she was a full rev head and knew loads about the 20v blacktop 4age and even made her own extractors!

more 400 something kw evos …. like thats just the norm around here!

nice tidy s2000 but unfortunately  had an issue and ran off the track and caught fire! driver was a little shaken but was ok

There was also a small show and shine with a couple of cars of interest

This 31 coupe was very tidy!

Also managed to pass the 86 off as a “show” car scratches and all, she got some love and had a great chat to a few guys about all things hachi roku

Was a great day and meet loads of cool people

next year id love to give the 1000m blast a crack

One response to “snowy mountains 1000

  1. Boosted Six October 27, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    Great pics, awesome thank you.

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