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Ill just leave this here

It finally started up, the car still needs a lot of work but its down hill from here on in!
Loom finished, tyres, filters, plug, oil’s, new c.o.p’s etc ¬†(actually a bit lol)
Hoping to have it on track in the next few weeks stay frosty ūüôā

7age take 2

Happy new year people, whats been going on with my car you may ask?

Well its been absent from a track day now for over a year which makes me very sad.
Realistically this has been caused mostly by a bad wiring job and in-effective engine management system.
The worst part of that above statement is that I paid someone to do it

So because i enjoy car wiring so much ( Lol Jokes )
Ive started again from scratch with an OEM AE111 loom and manual ECU.

I often hear people comlplaining  about  about poor drivability on cold start
and from heavy fuel use with some aftermarket ecu’s

One thing i have noticed that my car needs half a dozen more sensors that the aftermarket unit¬†didn’t.
Its no wonder why some after market units perform poorly

Although this has been a real set back for me I know that its the right decision;
long term for the car and its reliability
So for those playing at home its
the third wiring harness and second ECU for the car.

See you soon ūüôā

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