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First of the year, well nearly three years.

So last weekend I attended the first major event of the year.
The 12 hour Mallala Matsuri at Mallala Motor Sport Park.
After having a test and tune day at JDM X park in December last year I finally felt like the car was at a stage where I could enter it into events again.

It was an early 6:00am start and I woke up the whole neighbourhood loading up the car onto the trailer.
Big Mike was the only other crew member entered into the event and I was to meet him track side at 8:30, surprising to say I was on time and so was he.
We had our cars scrutinised and as we where getting ready for our first track session.
Sadly tragedy struck and good friend Sven had an accident in his daily driven E30 BMW. Fortunately he was back on track in no time

photo (13)

As we prepared our cars we spoke about how long it has been since I had been to Mallala in the AE86 due to the problematic 7AGE conversion and it wasn’t far off 3 years! With that in mind we decided that we should both head to the skid pan to re-fresh our skills.After a few sessions there we hit the track, let me tell you how much ive missed the speed! It only seemed fitting that I take my best buddy for a hot lap as he has been a great help right from the start it took a 3 laps for me to get my groove back as you can see from the photos below the new engine set-up pulls like a train!



IMGP1525Thanks to Luke Salmon for the photos
As you can see, smoke coming from the rear of my car is something of a new experience to me!

This last photo really sums up the day for me
id just like to say thank you to all who came out to watch and who helped me along the way
( i had 7 people in the car moving them around track 🙂 )
Here’s to a year of skids and improvements!

You’ve come a long way baby

Well its taken me 18 months but i drove the ole GHETTO bus for the first time since All Japan Day 2011.
The car wasnt running well but it was running, that’s the main point, now ive handed it to the capable hands
of Brenton at Fours n More, he will finish off my conversion.
Id like to elaborate on that, the car has had a complete engine change
including but not limited to.. wiring, cooling, exhaust everything.
The best part of this story is that we have done it all ourselves.
All that’s left for Brenton to do is bed the motor in on the dyno.
That said i have also asked him to double check my work
Im pretty paranoid this is the biggest conversion ive ever done.

I know right, a photo of the car that isnt in my shed or driveway…. im scared too!

You forget about how many looks you get driving a car like this through traffic at 5:00pm on a workday.

Id just like to thank everyone who has helped along the way, its been a long journey.
At this point when its almost over i cant even find the right words.

Thank you to all my friends and family i Love you all

Ash xoxxo

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