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Drift Prac Wrap-Up

So with delays working in my favour, Aloon and myself managed to head out to Mallala Saturday just gone. With most of the day looking threatening, but not raining, it was looking good for some quiet skids since a lot of folks are in Sydney for the World Time Attack.


On the way there it started bucketing down and with a few pauses, kept up until the end of the second session. Not great conditions for photos or videos, however Rachael managed to get a few before darkness set in:

To see more head here.

Overall it was a good night. The wet made technique more important then speed, and by the end I had gotten over my Lala misgivings and got some fairly decent runs in. I managed to debead a tyre after mounting the ripple strip — let that be a lesson: 215s aren’t so good on a 10 inch rim! Aloon’s biggest issue was mirror rage, and the fastest way off of car ramps is to shoot them out under the trailer!

Many thanks to Ratboi for helping me get out there, and to Murph for helping me diagnose rear suspension noises.

Just an average sunday in the hood

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