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Drift Practice at Mallala 16-06-2012

Josh and Alan decided to head out for the drift practice this weekend just passed so since my car is in the build still ( nearly finished šŸ™‚ )
I thought id head out and take some photos and catch up with a few people.

Josh in his 4age ke70 was showing some greatĀ improvements

Alan was having a few mechanical issues but still put in a good showing

Luke Hand in his RB25 S13 was laying down the smoke

This Soarer was doing really well it sounded 1jz powered its good to see cars like this out thatĀ aren’tĀ as

popular as the oh so common s-chassis.

Tom Powell in his rb20 powered 31 was looking really smooth im a big fan of this car

unfortunately it wasnt all good, there was a sever collision by two 180sx’s it seemed everyone was ok which is what counts

Sadly the lense on my cameraĀ isn’tĀ that great so being winter i quickly ran out of light so better luck next time to those i missed although that said next time i will be on the other side of the lense šŸ™‚

Back yard Brawn

Its been so long since ive put up anything on the blog and it makes me sad.
Well thats cause not much has been going on really, its been a late start to the year for us.
That said things have been happening.

Pictured to the left, long time readers would recognise Aloon’s R31

At a recent dyno day he was really supprised at what power the car made.
In his words it was tuned by

Pretty damn impressive for a SOHC
Party on Aloon!

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