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When it was good it was great.

Ratboy had a shocker of a day on the weekend with real-ability issues, we chased it down to a blocked injector by the end of the day but it was too late to fix. That said we still had a few good runs on the skid pan together.
It was rad.



Getting the beast back into the garage for diagnosis.


Unfortunately this is how it spent most of its day 😦

It drives straight what a relief!

Sorry for the lack of updates but its been flat out over here trying to get the A31 Battle car ready for the 10/10 Matsuri.
Since the last update we have done a lot of work, repairing the broken suspension components, beating the body back in to shape as best we can.
Other modifications have been done to the steering lock, ride height and body bracing, its really coming together.
Today we had it wheel aligned with all the new parts installed and it doesn’t drive crooked what a relief!

We still have a few more jobs left on the A31 as well as Ratboy’s HR31
so a few long nights ahead it seems!


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