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Back in the saddle

After last year’s lack of track time I made a promise to myself to get to more events as a driver.
My venerable Ae86 whilst a cool and capable car is too fragile for these new demands.
Owing largely to the rarity of the parts and uniqueness of the engine conversion.

As detailed in earlier posts I had decided to pick up a 1992 Nissan Silva S13.
As i drive a RPS13 (180sx) daily I am fairly familiar with the chassis, so I decided to take the plunge!

The goals for the build where:
keep it standard as possible, reliable, cheap (lol) have some fun
try and make it look cool!

So this is what I ended up with.

Blacktop Non VCT sr20det
stainless manifold, dump pipe with screamer
stock t25G turbo
S14 water neck conversion with braided lines.
GKtech radiator fan
high mounted intercooler under rad support
extended catch can set up

FR: Cusco CS-Zero Coilovers with Craft Work 10kg Springs
Rear: JIC Magic Coilovers with 8kg Springs
china brand camber arms
Powered by max bent style toe arms
GKtech locking collars
GKtech slip on lock spacers.
solid steering colum bush
super pro rack bushes
welded 4.3 R180 diff
everything else stock 20 year old items haha

Drive train
Extreme HD Organic clutch
everything else stock hahaha

Velo Fixed back bucket seat
spin turn knob
Safety 21 5 point Half cage

Rolling stock
FR Southern ways 15×8.5 -3 with +15mm spaer
195/55 Yokohama’s
Rear: Southern Ways 15×9.5 -22 with 195/60 china tyres.
no wheel alignment hahah


Photo thanks to Moosified images  

It was the cheapest of cars, it was the best of cars.

With such a rush getting the car ready for the Mallala Matsuri last weekend, we ran out of time for updates.
The A31 Battle car really turned into the little car that could. With Ratboy’s car out of action for the day and some other friends experiencing break-downs of their own.
It became a communal car of sorts having 5 different drivers for the 12 hour period until finally with 20 minutes to go Ratboy finally killed the stock clutch.

The photo taken above is as far is the car made it under its own power. It was stuck in the pit lane
so we had to push it onto the trailer

Earlier in the day i had given it quite a work out on the skid pan, i was really surprised at how such a simple set up performed so well.
The most that i had driven the car was to get it to checked over before the even from the garage.
So driving onto the skid pan i found out that the handbrake didn’t work, i fixed it later in the day but it kept surprising all of us.

The setup used on the day was as follows.

Stock rb20 and turbo
Pod filter
3 inch exhaust
stock clutch
Making a claimed 160rwk

Steering suspension

Stock  inserts cut 8kg ohlins springs
Slip on lock spacers
Strut Brace

Cut Tein 6kg  springs with Potenza shocks
$17 worth of  shims for the diff from Nissan
Ghetto Garage Hi-Cas Locking system
Welded in rear brace

Rolling stock
F:15×7 +10 ssr’s with secondhand 195/55 Yokohama S-Drives(+25mm Spacer)
R 15×7.5 -5 ssr’s 195/50 china tyre.

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