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Let’s Go Shopping

So I’ve been fairly dormant on here due to a work trip getting in the way of drift. However, things have been moving forward:

Not Pictured: Rear Camber Arms, Greddy plenum, Hypertune TB

Installed these bad boys today:
Though I must say that after the legendary Bridge-meister performed the fabled Wrap-Electrical-Tape-Around-Coilpack mod at Tailem Bend I have not encountered the issues that plagued me on that day so many moons ago.
There is also a chance that the plenum may get a little bit ported before installation due to some vagaries in the way things fit together. Standby for further!


So as you recover from NYE, here’s the year from Mona’s perspective. No long reads, just relive some memories:

First up is January’s abortion of turn 1 at Mallala that saw me run off into the tyre stacks. Precipitated the S15 subframe conversion

Got the car back in time to tidy it up a little before heading out to Mallala again at the start of April. Second run of the day produced this after an over-zealous clutch kicked sent me to the middle of turn 1 (same corner again!)

Got it fixed up in time to head out to Stretch’s private day at Tailem Bend, where I finally got some decent track time with the new setup. Managed to hit up one more day at Mallala before I shot off for the year

Since I’ve been gone I’ve managed to source some new components that will hopefully help my heat problems, add a modicum of power, and finish off the suspension work for the near future. Details forthcoming, but expect to see a revamped Mona hitting the track mid-year!

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