So as you recover from NYE, here’s the year from Mona’s perspective. No long reads, just relive some memories:

First up is January’s abortion of turn 1 at Mallala that saw me run off into the tyre stacks. Precipitated the S15 subframe conversion

Got the car back in time to tidy it up a little before heading out to Mallala again at the start of April. Second run of the day produced this after an over-zealous clutch kicked sent me to the middle of turn 1 (same corner again!)

Got it fixed up in time to head out to Stretch’s private day at Tailem Bend, where I finally got some decent track time with the new setup. Managed to hit up one more day at Mallala before I shot off for the year

Since I’ve been gone I’ve managed to source some new components that will hopefully help my heat problems, add a modicum of power, and finish off the suspension work for the near future. Details forthcoming, but expect to see a revamped Mona hitting the track mid-year!

One response to “Hungover?

  1. Josh January 2, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Really good wrapup mike!!

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