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2010 The Year That Was…

Robbo has made a RAD compilation video for us with all our track days from last year, top work mate!


I Say that because i was away for the weekend and i missed out on the drift practice at Tailem bend.
Thats not to say i didnt have a good time, cause i did. Its just hard to miss out on skids šŸ™‚

Cheers to all the people ive stolen these photo’s from hehehe

Ratboy picking up the inside wheel here after clipping the ripple strip on the bowl transition, its a good feeling.

Craig smashing it out here, not bad for first time out in a new car mate!

Fabs killin it here, proof that even though heĀ hasn’tĀ been out in ages he still has got it.

Its always a good day at the track when you can drive home again, even if you did bang her up a bit lol

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