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Immobilised In The Heat

Okay so I finally uploaded some pics from Sunday’s Drift prac out at Tailem. Firstly though, after getting all the tension rod issues sorted (with numerous test drives up and down the street) in Mona, I went and washed it and posed:


With Lock:
lock pose

There was no GG convoy headed down as SprinterBoy had better things to do then drift (=P) so I met Ratboy at the servo in TB. He’d trailered his up, and more importantly, it was the first time I could see the rear camber fix in RL:


As well as a Ratboy sticker down the side of his windscreen, he also had added another sticker over one of his boo boo’s:


However in typical Ratboy fashion, things just happen. I didn’t see it, but apparently his front bar dropped off on entry to the bowl and got caught under the car. Not even thinking about stopping, he continues, and here’s the result:

front bar

So after repairing the lip from the previous prac, now the bar is looking very worse for wear. However that’s not all. Before I could get a chance to tandem with him, I saw him roll past me in the line (my car needed some rest to cool down) and then he never moved forward again. Turns out his immobiliser had decided that it’d call it a day and stop the car. I know he was having issues with the battery mount in the remote, but that was a fairly easy fix, however this one knocked him out for the day, and even with some help from Fab’s old man they could get it to start, but it wouldn’t turn on the fuel pump… So after about an hour and a half working on it, it was time to pack up and go home. Pushing the immobilised car onto the trailer:


That’s all I have time to write, I’ll post up my exploits in the next day or two.


I Say that because i was away for the weekend and i missed out on the drift practice at Tailem bend.
Thats not to say i didnt have a good time, cause i did. Its just hard to miss out on skids šŸ™‚

Cheers to all the people ive stolen these photo’s from hehehe

Ratboy picking up the inside wheel here after clipping the ripple strip on the bowl transition, its a good feeling.

Craig smashing it out here, not bad for first time out in a new car mate!

Fabs killin it here, proof that even though heĀ hasn’tĀ been out in ages he still has got it.

Its always a good day at the track when you can drive home again, even if you did bang her up a bit lol

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