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Daily Drive

Josh and Ratboy sent me a photo of their Daily drivers and i thought id share.
Recently we did a lot of work on these two cars in preparation for the winter months, this included modified steering knuckles, LCA’s and L.S.D’s 🙂

We also fitted some DX Quad lights to Josh’s Corolla and fitted Ratboy’s 15×8 Superlights to the Gazelle which is currently known as the spicy burrito due to its Mexican wheel fitment.

Roll Call!

So looks like we got ourselves a new ROOKIE here, none other than Ratboy’s Brother Aaron. You may of seen him in some of our videos (mostly working on Ratboy’s Car LoL!)

We went down into the THRASH Port today to see this Bad-Boy a 1985 Nissan S12 with “IRS” turns out it was love at first sight and a large deposit was put down with the car to be picked up the first week of January. Plans are initially to fix up the little bits of rust put in some S13 Front end gear and daily it. intermediate plans are engine swap to a CA18DET and SKIDS!



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