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hey guys its been a while since iv posted anything on the blog

Mainly due to the fact iv moved interstate and started a new job

the 86 made the 15 hour drive over no worries and has sat quietly in the garage waiting for some warmer weather (who would have thought the snowy mountains would be so cold!)

lately as spring has rolled around iv been playing with the car a little bit. The best news is ever since iv had the car when cruising at a constant speed it had a slight miss, somtimes it was fine other times it was a pain in the arse! Andy from adaptronic talked me through a fairly long process slowly looking through lots of possibilities and we finally sorted it. Timing now takes its signal from the exhaust camshaft because it does not move around as much as the inlet with the VVT-i. Car is a dream to drive!

Also been playing with the idea of a lip on my lip (yo dawg)




basically iv been looking at to many RWB porche pictures ….

the old saying applies

you can take the boy out the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto our of the boy

sure im ages away and not doing skids in SA but ill still continue to update the blog and share my carlife from over here

Ghetto garage is taking over!

Alpine Dreams

small look into a great weekend last year

this road is purely epic and I’d love to give it a blast when it’s not covered to death inducing snow and ice

thankfully the couple in the hilux at 1:20 were fine but it was a bit close for comfort. Sadly the hilux joined the big Toyota factory in the sky


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