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chance meeting

I first meet Jesse a few years ago in a car park, I had my first AE86 out for a meet up and he pulled up in the most  immaculate koukie Levin coupe in the classic panda paint scheme

That car was such an inspiration and a big part of why I searched for a coupe when buying this

unfortunately the panda had to move on but Jesse is still living the 86 Life in a slightly cheaper but just a rare ADM vacationer

now more of what the man does so well

Spinning the Midnight Roulette

Every one needs cool photos of there cars, you just do!

Who better to take photos than a good mate who loves the humble AE86 just as much, in fact  more than I do

Jesse from was more than happy to come up and shoot the coupe now she has her new wheels on (if you love a good dose of  AE86 make sure you check his blog! Amazing!!)

He has a kick Ass camera and the skillz to wield it in a fashion that just gets the most amazing photos

here is just a taste we have more to come!

Cheers Jesse these came out better than I had hoped !

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