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I Found 151 Yen!!

So I had this funny feeling that there was some yen floating around the car… so I decided it was time to find it. First: I needed tools. After a fairly long round trip I got these:

A paving hammer and some dry ice. Now I was hot on the tail of those pesky coins. I decided to start from the rear:

Dangnabbit there was no yen to be seen. Yet. It had to be here! As the dry ice quickly lifted the pesky sound deadening I made quick progress searching the boot:

With nothing in the boot I was starting to become worried. Where was the yen? Surely I wasn’t mistaken; feeling the extra grams of the coins taking away seconds from my 0-100 time… After thinking about it over a beer, I realised that often it comes to hide underneath the seats. So the hunt was re-joined:

Alas! There was nothing but carpet under the seat… I needed to go deeper:

Success! I rounded up the culprits:

With wild abandon I celebrated lightening my car by about 10grams!

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