You Are My Creator, But I Am Your Master—Obey!

Put the S15 gear in yesterday. Well I say S15. Here’s the shopping list:

S15 Lower Control Arms
S15 Knuckles/Uprights
S15 Hub + Disc
R31 Adj Castor Rods
Z31 Modded Tie Rods
S13 Coilovers with 10kg springs from the Z31 Coils
Z31 Adj Cambertops
Z32 4 Pot brakes

Quite a mismatch there. I was also hoping to use the Z32 slotted discs… neglected the fact that they are hub and disc in one unit, unlike the S15 where hub and disc are separate.

Does it work? No.

The outer tie rod is wound about 4 turns. Fix is already on the way… have made up 25mm spacers. Just waiting for them to arrive.
The Castor Rod is wound out. So much so that one fell out:

Luckily it was after coming out the shop where the guy washed his hands of it after looking at it. Slow speed meant I knew where it dropped and I babied it all the way home with it pulling left under brakes. Solution is to get longer ones duh. Will be getting S15 adj, though I doubt it’ll happen before Sunday (next drifts) so I may have to hope the stock Z31 castor arms will still fit… Fingers crossed!

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