From the shadows

So Ratboy was whinging to me the other day that it seems like he never has any updates about his car and he is sorta right.
After a quick scan of the blog i realized there hasn’t been many updates on his car for a while, this isn’t to say he hasn’t been hard at work on it.
Pictured above you can see Ratboy’s Primo workshop lol, since its return from Garage 7 its now producing 202kw at the wheels and this is great.
However, THE biggest flaw with theres car’s and the Z31’s alike is the stupid rear end design with its crappy semi trailing setup.
At normal “factory” spec height this isnt an issue, at Ratboy spec height the rear has about -3ish deg of camber which is bad news for traction and tyre wear

Pictured here is half of the rear sub-frame, Ratboy has since removed this and replaced the two outward bushes with solid urethane ones and “fabbed” up a camber bracket to help correct some of that negative camber, we eagerly await some completed photos.

Quick shot here of the front ADJ LCA’s, Ratboy tells me that the ball joints where pretty effed! If there are any O.G South Australian Drifters out there they may remember the old Bowzer HR31 drift car, these are from that car. Video Below; i feel bad knowing i helped to strip this thing out before it got crushed so bad ass.

One response to “From the shadows

  1. Fragga November 20, 2010 at 10:56 am

    nice work on the lcas. and with the cradle.
    I’ve got a spare rear cradle waiting to have the same thing done.
    sick of runnin -4.5 degrees of rear camber 😦

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