Why in the hell ?

Some times when working on a car that your unfamiliar with you notice things that the previous owner (or owners) has changed or modified.
Sometimes you think why in the hell would you do that! With this car there have been a lot of these moments.

To elaborate, half of the heating system removed to “reduce” weight, still left the core in; *whispers* thats the heaviest part. im sure that cutting off the rubber hoses really made a difference to the lap times. Rear seat belts removed, still left all the bolts in there and half the brackets that had been snapped off maybe the previous owner who did it thought the quicker he did these oh so important “mod” the faster it would make the car?

Anyway i really should stop whining because each time i look at the to-do list it is getting shorter and the car does have a lot of nice gear

and the body is in good nick and i got it for such a steal. Things ive done since last time.

Cusco Camber tops
40mm RCA’s
New Tie-Rods
Power Steering Arms
Lock Spacer’s
reffited most of the rear inter, as featured in a previous post.
Re-installed heater tap, controls and most of the hoses.
installed a Twin core Excel radiator9 not quite finished.

Still to do
needs a new sump (got a spare lucky :))
Proper accelerator cable
Fuel Surge tank setup
find a damn piece of front carpet
install the rest of the interior
get rid of gay issota steering wheel etc
Hook up the radiator and wire thermo’s
re wire indicators
new battery.
space out the front wheels another 20mm ( got that sussed)

*sigh* still a lot to do lolololo Catch ya next time 🙂

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