Back Inside! Back Inside!

So while there was some good weather this weekend just gone, and with no one planning on hitting up Drifts on the 12th, we decided to hit the Red Rocket to get that closer to being back on the road. While Ash was sorting out sumps and tie rods, I went hammer and tong on the interior, ripping out the seats and seatbelts to fit in the acquired carpet and the boot trim.

After the interior was stripped out, the car and the carpet got a vacuum before installation.

So as I was installing, the steering component was finished (got some good lock now) and Ash moved on to the sump. Not too much later I hear much swearing and he goes and grabs a shovel. I’m sweating my ass off in the car (working in an uninsulated shed = no sunburn but more heat) bolting seats back in, so I just sorta ignore it until he comes back in with some dirt. Only he knows what truly happened, but there was a load of oil all under the car and a blown temper. Work was called off for the day…

I speedily finished putting the seats back in and voila! the entire interior look of the car looks different:

no seats

with seats



boot front

So if you’re looking to jazz up the look of your car, I can assure you that with a bit of spare time it is very easy to install carpet (especially molded) and it has really made the car look a lot neater.

On a side note, with Christmas just round the corner, and myself being away until just before New Years, there will only be sporadic updating simply as family stuff increases, which reduces the car shenanigans. Be sure to check back regularly though as there are some very exciting developments and mods happening very soon into the new year (I hope!)

2 responses to “Back Inside! Back Inside!

  1. Coxy December 7, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    missing trim over the rear wheel arches or still got that to go on? looking good regardless!

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