Mt Alma hillclimb 2011

As if saturday night was not enough excitment for one weekend, at 11 o’clock i realized the 2011 Mt Alma hill climb was on. The event is held once a year and the southern districs car club block off a public road and race 150 fairly cool cars up it. I really wasent sure if i should go or not as i was unable to convice anybody to come along with me at such late notice, after much consideration i came to the conclusion i would regret not going.

so up nice and early and made the treck down south for some more motor sport goodness for the weekend

here are some machines that captured my attention, enjoy

winner from last year, awesome driving skilz. check the puff of dust as he put 2 wheels onto the dirt while trying to brake late!”

4age sounded great at full noise

not really the perfect hill climb car, but was very cool watching a desert racing buggy blast up the hill

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