Mid ship mayhem

Well hear it is my first crazy idea with this car, cut a huge hole and shove the motor back around 450mm!

there is a few reasons i wanted to do this, but mainly i wanted to have a crack at somthing a litle different and new to me. the challenge really is whats driving me

it changes everything meaning i will need to

– move the seat postion back
– custom pedals
– move steering column over
– custom firewall
– shorten tail shaft
– custom motor/gearbox mounts
and all the other things i havent though about

there is also a few benifits that come along with all this work but i will go into that at a later date

im hoping to achieve better midcorner speeds and less sideways action (thats right i said LESS!) i want to go fast not sidways he he.

just a few snaps to get started, its just a test fit to help me visualise what needs to happen

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