I hate people

Just got some bad news that a good mate of the crew Danny has had a bad accident in his HR31.
A careless driver pulled out of traffic into him and this is the result.

Our thoughts go out to you mate and i hope that you, your car and father all recover quickly.
If anyone knows of a passenger side Projector headlight for sale could they contact us.

One response to “I hate people

  1. Fragga May 24, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    sad coupe is sad, sad danny is also sad.

    he actually pulled out of his work driveway in front of me, but basically same same.
    we are all ok ish. dads sore as hell neck pain head ache yadda yadda, but hopefully he will be ok.
    im alright just sore as fuck, and shaken up as can be expected.

    coupe looks ok ish… mostly panel damage but obviously inner gaurd is mashed, rad support and reo also munted.

    if anyone has any panels let me know please. im mostly devo that it looks like ill be missing out on brendans private day up at tailems… gonna try and slap somethin together, even if i have to dodgy up the old silo, weld the diff and slap some coilies in it..

    will see what happens. hopefully this guy pays up, he said he would when he first got outta the car, but then told the cop that i was speeding and such. and i didnt realise at the time that ive only got his name and a po box.
    hopefully ill get a police report soon that will have his details on it. idealy id like to try and settle it outta court, but if not guess ill be taking a trip down to all type..

    cheers guys

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