This is how its done

Whilst having a chat with the crew earlier last week about the upcoming Mallala Matsuri that is on the 2nd of July i came to the realization that i have only 5 weeks to get the motor swap done on the AE86 plus a whole stack of other things including Dyno tunning etc. So a few phone calls where made and it was arranged for the available crew to meet at my gaff on Saturday night just gone at 6pm to do as much work as possible.
If you recall in a previous post i hadn’t actually moved the AE86 in quite some time (nearly 6 months) and so come Saturday night i couldn’t find the damn keys! After a good 2 hour search we had to drill out the ignition barrel 😦 i couldn’t actually bring myself to do it so ratboy did it cause he is a rough cat lol.

So with that done and a quick jumpstart  the old 16v burst into noisy life ( getting me the first noise complaint of the night ) and was promptly put into the shed
This photo was taken at 9:38pm.

Within 10 minutes Ratboy and Lips had the bonnet off, intake and radiator removed

Lips and Timmy D (not in picture) removing tail shaft and draining gearbox fluid

Finally we had pulled the motor looking at the clock it was now 10:39pm meaning we had done it an a hour so a celebratory engine hump was in order.

After that we stripped the loom removed the power steering and cleaned the engine bay.
had some drinks talked some shit and had a second noise complaint from the cops.

Next week the 7AGE gets pulled from the Donor car and fitted up so during the week ill be doing some other tricks in preparation
stay tunned Love from TEAM GHETTO GARAGE

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