Progress Report

Sorry for the lack of updates but ive been stuck playing computer games, being cold and CBF syndrome!

After having the go ahead from quality control on the manual steering conversion, Rowdy gave us the go ahead to start the fitting of the 7AGE

Josh with his epic beard had the gearbox all cleaned down with RP7 of all things. A whole seasons worth of grime right thur!

At this point in the evening we had managed to get 7 people around to help which we needed as the extra height of the 7afe block made it hard to negotiate the install.
Pictured here you can see the GREX oil re-location kit and the custom battery mount ( hunk of drift wood lol )


Motor and gearbox in, extractors and radiator in. still needs an exhaust wiring tunning and some other things but its all achievable in the 4 week time frame that we have 🙂

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