Battle Version

So here it is, after busting our chops for the last month trying to get the AE86 Ready for next weekends drift practice its all gone to sh*t.
To say im gutted is an understatement but its out of my control as my engine tune guy has taken personal leave for family reasons etc and isnt available to get my car ready.


Ratboy and Lips had originally picked up this ceffy for the engine and box to convert the S12
They had got it really cheap from a friend who had, had it written off from an accident to the passenger side
which had bent a strut, broken a tie-rod outer and bending the hell out of the sill panel and doors.
After 3 hours of panel beating with a 4wd drive and big hammers its looking alright.
Still have  a few more repairs and mods to go

Look out for me at the matsuri cant EFFN WAIT!!
Thanks heaps to Josh  Ratboy and Lips

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