Tip #54 don’t buy cheap tools

They will let you down every time!

Cheap tools will not save you money, they will break or damage important parts on your car. Forcing you to buy more tools or worse hospital bills! I recently had a chat with a work mate who told me he once broke his hand because a cheap spanner snapped! Resulting in him splurging on a full snap on set up!

As much as I’d love to have stupid expensive tools and lots of them! it’s just not a reality for most of us. I would encourage the viewers at home to buy the best you can afford

“But what about all the cheap tools I already have” I hear you ask… Keep them to cut up and bend and grind into custom one off tools for jobs that can get tricky

I try to fill my tool box with reasonable tools, when doing up some wheel studs on my cousins race car I realized my extension bar was a cheap nasty easy to snap piece of junk! How it snuck into the tool box will remain a mystery

Do your self a favor and get the best you can!

Have a great one
The team at GG


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