Ghetto Garage- Stealing cool shit from other states since 2011

It all started with a harmless text message from Timmy D to myself:
“How good is this AE86 for sale in New South Wales!”
Six days later I found myself on a plane bound for Sydney.

Thus began Road Trip The Sequel!

Saturday afternoon at 5:00pm Timmy D and myself landed in Sydney. We then jumped on a train to Tuggerah, NSW two hours north.
The car in question hadn’t been started in three months and the plan was to meet the seller at the train station, then go start the car.


Whilst on the train Timmy got on the blower to the seller and thankfully arranged to have him meet us at the station which was lucky, as it was going to add another 2 hours to our trip.
Nothing out of the ordinary really. You know, buying a car that’s 1500km from home and I had to be back at work in thirty hours.

After a bit of a chit chat we where on the road for the return trip. At this point we realised that there was:
No heater
No interior fan
No way to De-Mist the front windscreen with the windows closed.
It was also the middle of the night and cold as hell.

What had we got ourselves into here!
It didn’t matter, the car drove so well and went hard.

I had taken over driving at this point, but had to stop after I started seeing things on the side of the road that weren’t there!
A crocodile, flashing lights, strange mist that I thought was coming into the car etc…
It’s worth mentioning that from Friday morning till Sunday night I’d had less than 10 hours sleep and worked 15 hours at my job,
plus doing the road trip!
Timmy to the drivers seat again and we continued on at a renewed pace!

Like I said the car went well 🙂

We finally made it back to my place and had to promptly repair the exhaust that I had smashed a bit on a speedbump, and Timmy had finally disconnected whilst doing a “Gutsy” over take 170km from home. Hello hearing damage!!

All in all it was totally worth it to see that dumb grin on Timmy’s face that only AE86 ownership can bring.

Living the AE86 Lyfe Yo!!

Car Specs are as follows:
Engine: 2004 Toyota 3sge blacktop beams, adaptronic e420c ECU, blacktop 20v quads on TRD copy manifold, Sard fuel reg, W55 gearbox with Exedy clutch and flywheel

Diff: Mark 2 Corona F series with 4.1 ratio, added baffles, TRD 2 way Altezza LSD

Brakes: rear – S15 rear rotors with AE86 calipers running factory handbrake setup, rose jointed panhard rod, willwood bias adjuster, front-4pot front calipers running brembo slotted rotors

Suspension: rear – height adjustable rear seats with 6 kg springs short stroke shocks
front – Corona struts converted to coilovers currently running 6kg springs for daily duties but also comes with 7kg springs.
helper springs KYB AGX adjustable shocks, Cusco camber tops, DMax adjustable rose jointed front caster arms.


One response to “Ghetto Garage- Stealing cool shit from other states since 2011

  1. Svenbot August 3, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Awesome stuff, boys. Look forward to seeing it do some steering 🙂

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