say good buy to the idea

Well i hate to be that guy who started a project just to gid rid of it before it really started….. but looks like im him today!

what was the plan with this car?

when trawling through random build threads im always drawn to the ones desplaying super technical fabrication and ideas. This was my attempt at building a mid mount JAPanese car to  keep up with big horsepower, tube frame chassis, EX speedways cars, flat out around a dirt track. “The idea” of mid mounting a engine and the  benefits it would bring really excited me. building a flat out race cage and changing the seat postion to allow the the newely positioned engine. These are all challenges i wanted to accept and have a crack at….

so why has it all been sold off leaving me saying good buy to the idea that accupied my thoughts for so long?

Entre peer presure… or in this case i like to call it Peer ENCOURAGMENT!

This is not the first time i have made this mistake, at the age of 16 i was playing with muscle cars, a valiant charger with ye olde 265. I loved that car and i learnt so much from it, but i found my self talking about holly carbureters while my friends were talking EFI, i wanted to drag every one off the lights and “smoke” all the rice burners, while my friends were flying around corners. and worst off all i found my self hanging around old fellas over 60 who bought the Chrysler brand new back before i was even born, while my mates were out driving together.

This silvia has landed me in the same position, iv got a great group of mates hear at Ghetto garage. we all love working/playing with our cars. driving them, skidding them, and just generally having a laugh. But i fell like i was kinda missing the moment by not being envolved. I was being the young 16 year old sitting in the back of the crysler car club meeting again instead of being smack bang in the middle of the action with my friends

Please dont get me wrong the crowd out at dirt circuit are amazing and so is the motor sport they all put so much effort into running, and one day id love to build a full tube frame chassi monster to smash around dirt surfaced tracks of insanity!

its just at this time of my life i have a great group of lads that i dont want to look back on and say “man i wish i was more involved with what my mates were doing back then”!

So yes the project has gone, dirt circuit is not for me right now. But im fairly sure id rather miss out on the silvia dirt racer than all the stupid and fun memories ill have hanging out with these crazy cats!

Timmy D

side note: the shell was removed from the garage to be picked up… hear at ghetto garage we get side tracked and carried away very quickly…. hence the photos! he he

One response to “say good buy to the idea

  1. Aloon August 7, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    We’ve all been “That guy” at one point or another…I look forward to seeing the 86 on track soon! 🙂

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