Ghetto garage goes back to school

I hated school!!!

everything was irrelevant to my interests, the teaching methods were polar opposites to the way I’m able to learn, I got far to many detentions and there wasent a dyno room.

so why would i decide to go back to a place of education in my spare time and also pay for it…?

because “learn how to use a dynometer” course is one of the best things i have ever done!!!


Ash and I are both doing the course and this was a second week. This week were looked into ignition timing and the effects it has on torque , power, and was also interesting looking at the changes in the exhaust gas temperature.

this was all done on a holden 5lt which made around the 135-140 rwkw mark.

got the chance to quickly have a run with the Beams, I was playing around with the laptop but it froze on me (computers and I don’t have a stable relationship…)

ended up making 109 rwkw.

The tune seems to have plenty of room for improvement, possibly might get the chance to change it over to TPS X RPM instead of the current MAP sensing.

Its an awesome course and the lecturer Jamie is an absolute champion!

highly recommend it to any one half interested in cars

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