Staying back late

I have a great boss who does not mind me using the work shop after knock off

As much as i would like my own milling machine at home its just not a reality (for now….)

this turbo manifold needed to be machined flat after the welding process, to make sure the gaskets seal up correctly and less prone to puling head studs out

First up clamp her down nice and solid

Clock it up

easier said than done since its not flat…

rough out the flange with the tungsten tool

you can see the parts that have warped once you start machining

change over to the fly cutter to clean it all up

it got a bit tight!! it did not touch but there was no light coming through the gap

This manifold is for a 4agze motor being converted to turbo using a EVO 5 TD05

which is twin scroll turbo, hence the split chambers

hopefully we will have more info soon on the vehicle this motor will be going in

all I know is its main purpose will be the transportation or groms to rad surf spots… FAST!

One response to “Staying back late

  1. Mr Poobody January 4, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Timmydee and Ash, 3 years on and the manifold is still going strong. Strong enough for 190rwkw on 13.5psi boost with e85. Boost problems and currently a little un drivable with excess of 22 -27psi depending on the right foot. Don’t even need to guess the power output, it has more than enough. Cheers once again for the machining time and attention to detail T.D.

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