3SGE Beams – few improvements

Well wednesday night rolled past again and the course just keeps getting better!

The subject was Air Fuel Ratios… with many a tangent slotted in for good measure

pulled some more runs with the fully sick 5 ltr and learnt a whole stack about adjusting you AFR and the effects it has

Then had the chance to have another play with the Beams

started off by correcting the AFR’s as they were to rich up top

then we had a play to see if we could get rid of the pesky 15nm dip in the torque range, we loaded up the motor to be full throttal at 115 km in 4 (the middle of the dip) and started to make changes to the “reference position” of the intake cam (VVTI).

manged to get rid of the curve, gain 35 nm of torque at that position and make 6 more killowats up top pushing it out to 115 rwkw, at this point i was very excited!!

BUT a closer look at the over lapping charts from last week showed that yes the dip was gone but so was torque and power right across the board from start till about 6,800 rpm… in short no good

still have a bit to learn about the adaptronic and making adjustments to the VVTI, see what happens next week.

still had some time so we cleaned up the main driving points of the map, idle, 60km, 80km

the drive home was magic! feels like a different car, smoother, more responisve to slight throttal changes and revs out quicker.

= happy Timmy D

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